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1. Mandatory information in accordance with the Telemedia Act (TeleMedienGesetz; TMG)

Stadt Prenzlau
The town of Prenzlau is a public corporation. It is represented by the mayor.
Am Steintor 4
D-17291 Prenzlau 

Phone: +49 3984 75-0
Fax: +49 3984 75-190

Responsible editor/name of the responsible administrator:
(Responsible within the meaning of the TMG)
Mayor (address as above) 

Contact for the website:
Dominican Monastery/management, Stadt Prenzlau
Phone: +49 3984 75-260
Fax: +49 3984 75-293

Dominican Monastery/Public relations, Stadt Prenzlau
Phone: +49 3984 75-261
Fax: +49 3984 75-293

The authority’s data protection officer:
Main office/data protection officer, Stadt Prenzlau

Design, implementation & technical operation:
Brandenburg IT service provider
Dortustr. 46
D-14467 Potsdam

2. Disclaimer concerning issues with content being up to date or incorrect

We strive to ensure that the information provided on this website is correct, complete, and up to date at all times. Nevertheless, errors and ambiguities cannot be excluded.

Please inform us by emailing gis@prenzlau.de if you believe that you have found any content errors or believe that any outdated information is provided.

We assume no liability for the information provided being up to date, correct, complete, or of a particular quality. Liability claims against us concerning material or non-material damage caused by use or non-use of the presented information and/or by use of incorrect and incomplete information, shall generally be impossible except if we are proven to be at fault for deliberate or grossly negligent action.

All offers are subject to confirmation and non-committal. We explicitly reserve the right to change, supplement, or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without separate announcement, or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.

3. Disclaimer for external links

As content providers, we are responsible for our “own content” that we, as the town of Prenzlau, make available for use in accordance with the general laws.

This website contains cross references (“links”) to content from other providers. We are only responsible for such external content if we have positive knowledge of it (i.e. including any illegal or punishable contents), we explicitly refer to such content, and it is technically possible and reasonable for us to prevent its use.

However, “links” are always “living” (dynamic) references. Even though we reviewed the external content for any liability under civil or criminal law when the link was first placed, we are not obligated to constantly review the content to which we refer within these pages for any changes that may give rise to any new liability. As long as no explicit reference to content is made, knowledge of current content in particular cannot be assumed.

Only if we determine or are informed by others that a specific offer linked to by us gives rise to any civil or criminal liability will we remove the link to that offer, provided that this is technically possible and reasonable for us. Being technically possible and reasonable shall not be affected by the fact that the illegal or punishable offer can be accessed from other servers even after the prevention of access from our website.

4. Copyright and trademark law

All pages of our website are subject to copyright. This shall apply in particular to any content published on the web pages such as

  • Texts
  • Pictures
  • Graphics
  • Layout including the overall arrangement on the webpages

Any reproduction or use of such texts, even in part, in any other electronic or printed publications and their publication – also on the internet – shall be forbidden without our written consent.

Commercial use of any part of this website is not permitted!
Reprinting and evaluation of press releases and speeches shall only be permitted with proper and full citation of the source.
Prior written consent to publish the webpages for private, non-commercial use may be granted by the online editorial office from case to case.
The unauthorised reproduction or distribution of individual content or complete pages will be prosecuted under criminal and civil law.

We strive to observe the copyrights of the pictures, graphics, sound documents, video sequences, and texts used, to use pictures, graphics, sound documents, video sequences, and texts we have created ourselves or to use licence-free pictures, graphics, sound documents, video sequences, and texts. However, every website operator is obligated to review the content of the respective page subject to their own responsibility and, if necessary, to remove the link, when linking to the website of the municipality.

Any brands and trademarks named within the website and potentially protected by third parties are subject to the provisions of the respectively applicable trademark law and the title of the respective registered owners without restriction. The mere mention of a trademark does not mean that it is not protected by the rights of third parties!

Except where stated otherwise, any pictures are taken from the press archive of the town of Prenzlau. Unless indicated differently, these pictures were created by employees or members of the town of Prenzlau.

The rights for published copyrighted works created by the town of Prenzlau itself or by its employees shall also remain solely with the town of Prenzlau. Any reproduction, distribution, and/or processing, and/or use of objects such as pictures, graphics, sounds, or texts in any other electronic or printed publications shall only be permitted with our consent.

5. Legal effect

If any sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the remaining parts shall not be affected by this.

6. Information on accessibility

Our goal is making our information accessible to the widest possible audience. We try to consider the potentially very diverse needs of many.

Unfortunately, our goal of making our website largely barrier-free is difficult to achieve with our specialised offering. Unfortunately, it is still possible that some users may encounter barriers. We strive to improve our services in the scope of a quality process in order to gradually remove more and more barriers.

Please submit any questions, suggestions, ideas, comments, or proposals for improvement. We would like to explicitly encourage you to contact us and enter into a dialogue with us. We love to learn!

If you have any technical questions, suggestions, or proposals for improvement concerning accessibility, please contact:

Main office / web editorial office, Stadt Prenzlau
Phone: +49 3984 75-127
Fax: +49 3984 75-191

Declaration on Accessibility of the Town of Prenzlau

DECLARATION OF ACCESSIBILITY for the websites (mobile and desktop versions) of the town administration of Prenzlau and the associated sub-pages of the Dominican Monastery, town partnership, council information management, Lange Nacht der Erneuerbaren Energien, as of: 26/05/2020

1. Declaration on accessibility

The town administration of Prenzlau is making every effort to make its website and mobile application barrier-free. The declaration on digital accessibility is required by the Brandenburg Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Act (Brandenburgisches Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz; BbgBGG). The technical requirements for accessibility result from the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (Barrierefreie-Informationstechnik-Verordnung; BITV) 2.0.

2. Status of compatibility with the requirements of the BITV

Accessibility was technically verified by an external expert from AVitamin. This website is largely compatible with BITV 2.0. The requirements of BITV 2.0 are only partially missed. For example, not all forms can be completed. The measures taken by the town of Prenzlau to overcome the barrier is its participation in the “Bürger- und Unternehmensservice Brandenburg (BUS-BB)” project and the option of integrating digital, accessible forms that is provided there. Further notices of A-Vitamin to ensure accessibility are adding texts to the linked videos and providing a page in “simple language”. This content will be implemented, provided that the technical and human resources required for it are available.

3. Contact

Please contact us by email at gis@prenzlau.de if you notice any deficiencies with regard to the barrier-free design of www.prenzlau.de.

4. Arbitration

If you believe that you are disadvantaged by deficiencies in the barrier-free design of the websites (mobile and desktop versions) of the town administration of Prenzlau and the corresponding sub-pages Dominican Monastery, town partnership, council information management, Lange Nacht der Erneuerbaren Energien, you may contact:
Schlichtungsstelle nach dem Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz (arbitration board under the equal opportunities act for persons with disabilities), Federal officer for matters of persons with disabilities
Mauerstraße 53
D-10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 18 527 2805


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